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Мультимедийное новогоднее поздравление 2013 для «Эрнст энд Янг» (разработчик: КСАН)  Мультимедийное новогоднее поздравление 2013 для «Эрнст энд Янг» (разработчик: КСАН)
Новогоднее интерактивное поздравление «Дед Мазай и зайцы» для газеты «Ведомости» (разработчик: КСАН)  Новогоднее интерактивное поздравление «Дед Мазай и зайцы» для газеты «Ведомости» (разработчик: КСАН)
Мультимедийное мультипликационное Новогоднее Поздравление 2012 для газеты Ведомости (разработчик: КСАН)  Мультимедийное мультипликационное Новогоднее Поздравление 2012 для газеты Ведомости (разработчик: КСАН)

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Мобильное приложение с искусственным интеллектом «Училка Агнесса Ивановна» (разработчик: Next Step Entertainment)  Мобильное приложение с искусственным интеллектом «Училка Агнесса Ивановна» (разработчик: Next Step Entertainment)

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В новостной ленте Facebook появился блок трендов

За самолюбование в интернете начали штрафовать

Запущен «интернет для роботов»

"Умные города" смогут заработать $1,9 трлн

"Яндекс" научился пересылать деньги по электронной почте

Оксфордский словарь объявил «selfie» словом года

Интернет-магазин потребовал 3500 долларов за отказ удалить негативный отзыв

Microsoft создает технологию распознавания настроения пользователя

"Одноклассники" научились распознавать лица

Оплатить вуз теперь можно виртуальной валютой Биткоин

Видеоигры не оказывают вредного влияния на детей

Смартфоны научились передавать запахи

Сервис коротких видеороликов Vine получил поддержку русского языка

Более 30 тысяч человек воспользовались Wi-Fi в автобусах Москвы

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Бум нейросетей: Кто делает нейронные сети, зачем они нужны и сколько денег могут приносить
Что из себя представляют нейронные сети, для чего они нужны, почему захватили планету именно сейчас, а не годами раньше или позже, сколько на них можно заработать и кто является основными игроками рынка.

Эксперты назвали профессии будущего
Самыми перспективными направлениями станут IT в медицине, создание «умных городов» и компьютерная лингвистика

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Vimeo Festival Awards. Конкурс видео-роликов
Vimeo Festival Awards. Конкурс видео-роликов

YourFilm Festival — 2012. Кинофестиваль Видеопортала YouTube. Победители поедут в Венецию.
YourFilm Festival — 2012. Кинофестиваль Видеопортала YouTube. Победители поедут в Венецию.

Международная конференция #1 по социальным играм в Восточной Европе Sociality Rocks!
Международная конференция #1 по социальным играм в Восточной Европе Sociality Rocks!

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Advertising and AI. Level Two: “Talk”

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In the second part I’d like to talk about something more technologically advanced comparing to characters those animate some keywords they recognize in your input. Let’s move to the next level - to digital characters with some intellect built-in.

This sounds like a since fiction, but at my sight the task of implementation of human consciousness is an extremely interesting one - it involves the understanding of how people communicate and, ultimately, think - and also how to teach computer some of these tricks.

Why companies hire such digital characters (a.k.a. “Interactive Assistants”, “Online Service Representatives”, “Chatbots”)? It is not only about entertainment - they can do more than just funny performance. Let’s see.


Anna is a digital assistant developed by Artificial Solutions for Ikea. Try to talk with her and you’ll found that she really knows something about Ikea and its products. She can open the map to show you a closest store, talk about Ikea’s corporate mission and special events.


So, she can do some real job. Instead of browsing the web site trying to find info you need or call Ikea by the phone (that is really expensive - the cost of one call is near $4.5 according to Wall Street Journal article “Testing Online Service Reps”) you can just ask her and get the right answer immediately.

Why use it? Anna’s manufacturer, Artificial Solutions says: “Using an Interactive Assistant for first line support, answering simple and repetitive questions is very cost efficient. By combining it with our operator-based chat, letting the assistant transfer the dialogue to a real person when needed, also ensures that your customers will always receive perfect service.”

Anna’s capabilities are limited, of course. But anyway, I think she can help to save your time on information search.

Sgt. Star’s Brave Hearts Club

Sergeant Star (Strong, Trained and Ready) was developed by Next IT for US Army to answer on questions of net-savvy prospective recruits. The target audience of US Army is 17-24 years old guys - guess where they spend most of their time? Not behind a TV, of course.


See what Next IT says about its results:

- Average website visit length: 16 minutes with SGT STAR, up from 4 mins without SGT STAR
- Users ask an average of 13 questions with SGT STAR, up from only 6 questions via live human chat
- SGT STAR is correctly answering more that 92% of the questions asked
- SGT STAR is answering an average of about 100,000 questions/month.

Why it is so successful? Well, actually he is really smart. This is why I wanted to introduce the Sarge - he is really a professional in his niche. To give you more information he also shows a relative web page from GoArmy.com site (that contains 15,000 pages - a lot of information, isn’t it?) in a satellite browser window.

I found something about the technology behind the Star character in the news: ”
Jeff Brown, senior vice president of sales at Next IT says “What we’re not doing is mapping ‘this question’ to ‘that answer,’ ” he said. “That would be mathematically difficult, if not impossible,” because of the number of possible questions that could be asked.

The key is giving the application the intelligence to understand the question as it is asked, and search for the right response from a library of possible answers.

Sgt. Star learns through a process of regression testing that lets changes be made to his software without damaging previous work.”

Sgt. Star not only allowed to save money on service and help with information search. Although he is a virtual person the positive effect from communication with him may positively influence potential recruits.


But Alice is a smartest digital character I met in the net. A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is a free natural language artificial intelligence chat robot. The software used to create A.L.I.C.E. is available as free (”open source”) Alicebot and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language) software.


What amazed me most - communication with Alice is a dialog, not separated questions and answers. Actually, this feature supported in Anna and Sgt. Star as well, but Alice does it really good. No wonder she won a Loebner Prize in 2004. She also has some mimics that make her look more alive.

Now there are plans to build AIML bots for Second Life virtual world - a very good idea at my sight, because in virtual worlds visitors can come from any country and time zone and hence there is no clear distinction between night and day. So on any island should be always someone on duty. It would be significantly cheaper to hire digital representatives those need no rest, technical or language training. Also, in virtual worlds digital characters much more appropriate source of information than dozens of text and images.

Back to the Future

Putting it all together: digital assistants do not only entertain, they save money and give web site visitors better service. In virtual worlds they can do a really great job offering residents information services.

Seeing the boom of multimedia content, growth of Internet connection speed and availability and increase of information volume of the net, chatbots are guests from the future and prophets of Semantic web, where texts are not sequences of letters but rather interconnected sets of concepts and notions.

At KsanLab we also carry some research in this area and hope to present you some amazing creatures later.

Have a fantastic day,

Stas Kravets,


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